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The objective for this WhatsApp Spy, an app that also conceals when we go online, is to learn how to spy on another person's WhatsApp from your Android device.
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Moreover, WhatsApp SPy APK, which has over a billion active users worldwide.  The best here is the undisputed leader in mobile communications in hundreds of countries. It has revolutionized chatting and instant messaging. It accomplished this as soon as it emerged, quickly erasing SMS messages and replaced them with a chat system. This application totally based on internet connection.

Furthermore, download the most recent version of WhatsApp Spy APK. In addition, WhatsApp Spy tells you when one of your WhatsApp contacts last connected without letting them know you’re online.All you have to do is download this software and select the sort of connection you wish to utilize (WiFi connection only, a data connection only, or both).

After that, you’ll get a list of your WhatsApp contacts. Simply click on a name to check when they last connected or if they’re online.

In a couple of seconds, you may view your contact’s connection status. This app’s features, such as Spy, are quite similar to WhatsDog, although it may operate differently. For more such apps try WAMR WhatsApp both are available on apk-gold.com.

Unique Features of the WhatsApp Spy APK for Android

  • Hidden Phone Tracker: The WhatsApp spy software functions as a hidden tracking application that operates in stealth mode. As a result, Android device owners are entirely unaware of this aim.
  • Read chat: From your account’s dashboard, you may read all WhatsApp Spy APK talks. All chats on the target device have been uploaded to the document and account.
  • Phone History: The WhatsApp spy app’s hover watch software stores information about every website the target device’s owner visited.
  • It also records all Facebook messages on the target device, storing text, audio, and video data from Facebook conversations to your account.
  • Group Chat: WhatsApp Spy not only allows you to listen in on personal discussions, but it also allows you to spy on all group’s WhatsApp messages. You may also view all of the group’s information, such as the name of the group, its members, group media, and files.
  • Media: The WhatsApp Spy App lets you examine all sorts of media files sent and received over WhatsApp. You may view the whole content by opening all messages and media.
  • Monitor Call: On WhatsApp, you can simply maintain track of the target device’s voice and video call logs. You can view the specifics of all the calls, such as when they were made, how long they lasted, and so on.

More amazing features of the WhatsApp Spy APK

  • Message Kind: In addition to reading text chats, you can also check the type of messages, that is, whether they were sent or received.
  • Apart from monitoring the call log, you can also examine the sort of call made on WhatsApp, such as whether it was a voice call, video call, inbound or outgoing call, and so on.
  • Description: You may view the information of the target device’s WhatsApp contacts. Name, number, and profile photo, for example.
  • Date and time: The date and time of each message and discussion are saved in your dashboard account.
  • Other: This Android APK may capture all calendar data, contacts, and even the device’s geolocation.

Find a girlfriend or a boyfriend using WhatsApp Spy APK

But, does WhatsApp Spy actually work? No, it doesn’t, of course not. The fact is that these supplementary applications have progressively ceased operating because the creators of the instant messaging software opted to hide the most recent connection time or the double-check of reading messages. Furthermore, each new update improves the development so that no one can get around their constraints and limits.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Spy APK (WhatsApp Tracker) is an essential spy tool. You can easily install it on the smartphones of your children, partners, or workers. Apart from these, it allows you to record your WhatsApp conversations. You can record audio and video files, make phone calls, and use the phone camera to take them in secret. Spy on SMS, MMS, Facebook, and so on.

This WhatsApp mod app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. However, for iOS devices, we need a jailbreak for it.

As a result, you’ll have to keep hunting for software that allows you to read other users’ conversations, not just for Android but also for PC, iPhone, Mac, and the web. Most importantly, you have to choose a legit site to download. Our site is completely trustworthy and out of all kinds of such risks. Download the best and safest APK for Android hassle-free. You will definitely get the original application from here. Please tell us something in the comment box below to boost up us. This will encourage us to come with more exciting Android Apps like WhatsApp Spy APK.

Best wishes!

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