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MirrorOp Sender is an amazing Android application. It displays your PC, Mac, or mobile device's screen on the giant screen of your classroom, pod, or another collaborative setting.
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MirrorOp Sender
April 11, 2022
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MirrorOp Sender is an amazing Android application. It displays your PC, Mac, or mobile device’s screen on the giant screen of your classroom, pod, or another collaborative setting. Simply download and install the required version on your device to begin sharing.

When you download and use the App we process your personal data. You may process data such as your username, e-mail address, and other personal information you have given us for this reason. You may also collect information about your devices, such as their hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and network information. These data are handled in accordance with the terms of a contract with Barco to which you are a party, being the delivery of services when you use the application.

This App is a MirrorOp Sender Add-On module. Please first install MirrorOp Sender. If your device requires this module, the sender will identify it and help you through the installation process.

Furthermore, it synchronizes your Android smartphone and PC, presenting everything that happens on the screen of your phone. Without using the HDMI output, you may watch films, play games, or surf the web. It works with ClickShare, MirrorOp, and wePresent receivers and is powered by WiFi and a USB cord.

Android is an Open System

Because Android is an open system, there are several display/frame-buffer designs for diverse devices. As a result, we cannot guarantee that our MirrorOp Sender will work flawlessly on all Android devices. Because the MirrorOp sender requires access to the frame buffer, you must root your Android device in most situations. However, we discovered that there are certain devices on which we can run without root.

You may use the terms “how to root. Your Android device Model to find out how to root your Android smartphone. For instance, how to root Galaxy S5? How to root HTC M8? And so on. However, the root procedure may be hazardous, so proceed with caution and at your own risk.

USB Mirroring on MirrorOp Sender

Obviously, some people want to know how to connect an Android device to a PC using a USB connection. If your phone or a tablet supports USB tethering, please follow these steps:

1. Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB connection.

2. Turn on the USB tethering (sharing) option on your Android smartphone (you may need to refer to your phone’s manual for instructions), and the computer will automatically install an NDIS driver (if you haven’t already).

3. Launch the Windows Receiver application.

4. Start the Android MirrorOp Sender, and it will look for a Windows receiver.

5. Select it, begin using it, and you can control it from your PC.

Features of the MirrorOp Sender for Android Devices


The transmitter is capable of supporting rotation. The orientation of the app is the mirror orientation on the receiving side. Furthermore, you may adjust or modify the angle in the MENU.

It Supports Smartphones, Audio Mirroring

We begin to enable audio mirroring on Android devices with the latest version. However, certain 4.4 devices that do not enable remote submix audio output are still ineligible for support.


Even if your device is not rooted, it is now supporting 5.0 screen mirroring. Audio and remote control, however, is not available on 5.0 non-root devices.

Download MirrorOp Sender Free for Android

You can easily download this incredible application for android using our link above. Simply you have to click on the download button above at the very beginning of this post. It will definitely, direct you to Google Play Store to download and install the free best APK file for Android. In addition, it does not take large space on your devices as well very quick for download and installation. Click on the download button and enjoy the amazing features of MirrorOp Sender.


MirrorOp Sender shows the screen of your PC, Mac, or mobile device on the large screen of your classroom, pod, or other collaborative space. Moreover, it synchronizes your Android smartphone and PC, displaying everything that occurs on your phone on your PC. Most importantly, you have to root your Android device to have access to the frame buffer. The best thing is it supports all kinds of Android devices.

Now, no needs to wait anymore go to the download button and enjoy with MirriorOp Sender!!

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