How to delete or uninstall apk from Android?

Have you ever been in a scenario where there are a lot of new movies, songs, and applications available, but your phone, PC, or even Android TV’s storage is full? And you’ve been wondering how to make more room on your Android smartphones. The two most popular queries we have lately received are, “Can I remove APK file?” and “How to uninstall APK apps?” The answer is unequivocal YES. Then, on this page, we’ll show you how to erase APK apps from your Android phone, computer, and TV.

Some of us have a tendency of downloading most films, APK games, and APK files from the Internet onto our devices. However, many of them are not watched again and are likely forgotten, while they remain in your storage and take up space. You may be aware that a typical movie consumes up to 4GB of storage, but 128kbps music consumes 1MB of storage every minute, and APK files require several times the amount of data. These will cause your Android devices to become slow and sluggish. The most efficient approach to handle these situations is to remove the APK files.

Removing an Android app from the Home Screen

This method is compatible with all Android versions, including Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo.

  1.  Locate the shortcut to the software you wish to uninstall. It is frequently seeing on the Home Screen.

Move the Apps to the Uninstall option by dragging it there.

  •  Tap and hold your finger on the app; this will cause a pop-up menu to display. On the top of the screen, there are two options.
  •  Drag the app’s shortcut to the Uninstall option and drop it.

To delete the app, click OK.

  •  You will prompte to confirm whether or not you want to uninstall the app. You press the OK button. The screen will then display a message indicating that the app successfully uninstalled.

That is it. You can easily delete and uninstall the APK from Android following the above-given guidelines.

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